The “Academy” in Action!

The EIP ACADEMY – “A breath of fresh air!”

In response to recent occurrences in our industry, the Academy has taken the decision to fill a clear void in the Wedding & Portrait sector for true professionals who wish to advance their photographic knowledge and accreditation without politics or agenda, simply in pursuit of excellence. It is intended to establish ourselves as the lead body in this sector and together, in partnership with it’s members, to promote all that is good, ethical and professional.

The Academy will be governed by a ‘Council’ to be known as the College of Fellows comprising of Kevin Wilson & Martin Grahame-Dunn and a number other distinguished Fellows in the UK Photographic Industry, whose sole aim is to maintain standards in every aspect. Membership will be open Worldwide to encompass the very best of the best and cooperate with like minded groups in other countries to share knowledge and expertise.

Our Membership Services:-

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  • A Monthly PDF Newsletter showcasing the best in the world-wide industry
  • Discounts on Products & Services
  • A Pay as you go Mentoring System
  • Regular affordable training days
  • Downloadable training resources – PDF’s, short movies, hints and tips
  • Critiques and ‘Album of the Month’
  • Webinars in cooperation with the SF Photoschool
  • Diary of an Aspiring Master – on a monthly basis -  1 Wedding & 1 Portrait Photographer

Our Distinctions Structure:-

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  • A Distinction for Life
  • One Level only – Master of Photography
  • NO ‘Free’, ‘Reciprocal’ or ‘Gifted’ Master’s Distinctions – We all start from the beginning with NO exceptions!
  • Three Judging’s every year – 4 Prints to a “Case”
  • Print only and NOT digital submissions in pursuit of excellence, in the Art and Craft of Photography
  • Achieved by acquisition of Merits – Image Merits & Service Merits
  • 25 Merits for a Masters Award with a minimum of 13 Print Merits
  • General Collection “MERITS”
  • Gallery Collection “MERITS”
  • An Annual Book of Images – General & Gallery Collections
  • Fellow of the Academy – Given for services to the Photographic Industry Worldwide with an expectation of further contribution
  • Links to other Competitions and Awards – HIPA, PWS & CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year

This is simply the beginning, and from this point we will continue to develop many other resources in conjunction with other excellent providers of goods and services to the benefit of all.

Achieving YOUR “Master of Photography” Distinction

Much thought has gone into this process using different models from all over the World. But we at the EIP Academy agree that the best method is by a gradual process of continuous professional development. Initially to achieve your Distinction, you must amass 25 MERITS (Exactly the same as a PPA Masters Degree) of which at least 13 MUST be PRINT MERITS acquired in the AWARDS assessment sessions, which are held THREE times in every calendar year.

At each AWARDS assessment session, members may submit a ‘case’ of up to FOUR prints. Regardless of the number of images submitted in a ‘case’. Initially a fee of £25 will be applied. It is therefore, in the members’ interest to submit a full ‘case’ on each occasion. Each image must have a completed entry form affixed to the back in the orientation in which the image is intended to be viewed. This form will also require a title for your image which will be declared to the judges as the print is revealed. A completed application form listing all entries, titles and the entry fee must be included in your case together with a CD containing High Resolution images at 8”x10” at 300DPI of each image.

Images that score 80 points or over, automatically qualify for One MERIT as a ‘GENERAL’ print. Images scoring from 85 to 89 points will be considered as a ‘GALLERY’ print and will automatically receive One MERIT but if successful, will achieve an extra MERIT in recognition of its ‘GALLERY’ status. Lastly, images that score 90 to 100 points will automatically be acknowledge as ‘GALLERY’ prints and be awarded Two MERITS.

All prints receiving a MERIT will receive a certificate


Fellowship of the EIP Academy will automatically awarded to ANY Fellow of the BIPP, MPA, IPPA, PPANI, holders of a Master Craftsman of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) with an aggregate of 100 combined MERITS and holders of the SQM qualification in Denmark. As and when other suitably qualified members of other PROFESSIONAL bodies are identified, they too will be considered. Please note that THIS IS NOT A QUALIFICATION OR DISTINCTION, rather a ‘recognition of achievement’ and ‘distinguished service to the Photographic Industry’ Worldwide.

All Fellows of the EIP Academy are actively encouraged to enter the AWARDS to achieve their “MASTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY” Distinction so as to not be seen as ‘gifted’ with a Distinction, or ‘Gongs for the boys!’ None of us that have worked so hard to achieve in the past want something for nothing or reciprocal agreements. We are determined to be seen, as the most prestigious and fair Distinctions for Wedding & Portrait professionals in the UK & Europe.

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