Martin Grahame-Dunn, Photographer, Trainer, Motivator – An Insight

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“I believe in lifelong learning. I believe in continuous professional development. I don’t believe that process ever stops, to the day we die…”

In July of 2009 I gave an interview to “Room on the Edge” and my thoughts are as relevant today as they were then. I guess if there is an insight into why I choose to share and teach its all here.
Listen to Martin as he describes his personal journey – a life full of images and image-makers, but nonetheless one of many twists and turns, repeatedly overcoming illness and dramatic changes in his own perspective. With his hands-on approach and zest for life, he maintains all you need to train as a photographer is a passion for imaging and the ability to listen and learn…

Martin also talks about:

  • How photographers worldwide seem to struggle with just about the same things
  • The excitement of shaping and moulding students into something they really didn’t know they could become
  • The gift of knowledge, debts of gratitude and pay-back time
  • How a lot of professional ‘advice’ can lead to disappointment and failure
  • Why everything in photography is about communication, not kit
  • Tips for the new starter or career-change Professional Photographer
  • Money, the commercial world, and how to get a foothold in something you absolutely love doing

The interview with martin can be listened to below

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The interview is thanks to the fantastic people at “Room on the Edge”, to visit them goto

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