Images 2 Inspire Features My Albums – A great new Wedding Album Service from Greece!

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Always one step ahead, MyAlbums sets new standards giving you the opportunity to design online Albums & Covers.

It is also at the forefront of the industry launching a fantastic “Album Critique” service from famous photographers well know all over the world, to help their customers continually improve the quality of their work and service.

“For the first time in the Photography Industry a prestigious manufacturer of beautiful Albums has created a website where the photographer may request an invaluable ‘Personal Review’ or ‘Critique’ from prestigious and knowledgable photographers from all over the world.

The personal critiques are done for each and every two-page spread separately, and at the end of the album there is a synopsis on the overall content, photography and presentation. It is not only a unique service but has been designed to be an entirely personal process and is sent automatically without having to be visible by others.

Also, in the interests of fairness, the photographic judge undertaking the critique does not have the ability to see the name of the photographer!

Improving the quality of the work of photographers, who readily accept constructive criticism will be spectacularly valuable to their personal progress and be sure to increase the quantity and quality of their clientele.

To request a review, simply Upload your album for printing and binding and pick the photographic assessor of your choice. You really can’t go wrong!”


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