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Martin Grahame-Dunn’s
Photography with Passion & Life in Motion

‘What I will not teach you is how to be me!’ To develop your own style as I have done over the years becomes your USP. Clients book photographers on the ‘feel factor’ and not based on how great an image-maker you are. But, if you can be both it means a healthy and successful business. The aim of this program is to open your minds to a wealth of possibilities and encourage you to be creative, reactive and responsive to the needs of your demanding clients. I aim to cover…

  • How to pose your subjects with fun and expression by observing life and adapting situations and encouraging ‘predictive’ behaviours.
  • How to use music and Lyrics as a ready made ‘Shoot Plan and Movie Script’
  • How to create scenarios, develop and work to the ‘script’ and plan your ‘rushes’
  • How to use HD Movies produced on a DSLR to add life and lustre to your business.
  • How to do simple edits for maximum impact
  • How to light and excite an image with natural light, reflectors, off camera supplementary lighting.
  • How to identify, light and compose dynamically in a variety of locations and situations.
  • How to retouch those ‘key’ images with my favourite Nik Software for that all important ‘Wow!’ factor.
  • How to make money out of our art and craft!

SUNDAY, July 15th

Getting to know you
Aims & Objectives.
Learning how to play and motivating a personal professional development plan
Image Review

MONDAY, July 16th

Portraiture in Practice – Right in at the deep end!
Lighting, Composition and Dynamic Subject Posing
An introduction to Creative Art Direction
Music & Lyrics as a Script
Planning a ‘Movie’

TUESDAY, July 17th

The Essential Elements of Inspiration
Rehearsals are the key to success
Lighting for Stills & Movies
The 30 Second and 3 Minute infomercial
Fusion?? What is it and does it work

WEDNESDAY, July 18th

The Art of Wedding Photography – The Passion & the Fashion (Or Portraiture at 100mph if you hate Weddings!)
Working Systematically
Command and Control – Making an event work for you
Choosing and creating a ‘Style’

THURSDAY, July 19th

8.30 – 12.00 noon Lecture – Putting Business into practice

My aim is to prepare you to become the photographers and business people you wish to be and yours should to be to have a great time and learn with a smile! The photography training program itself is a framework and has the ability to ‘morph’ to your needs, but suffice to say we will be busy. We are a team and in this together to share.

My role is as much a ‘mentor’ and friend to support you all in your professional development. Secondly I am a firm believer that as much can be learned relaxing over dinner and a beer rather than solely in the classroom. It is important to stress once again that the program is a guideline and inevitably other areas of discussion, and needs, will open up.

I would like to meet small groups of you guys at Breakfast every morning at 7.30am to provide a little more support and give you the chance to chat to me outside the class format. We can discuss the timetable at our ‘meet & greet’ session on Sunday evening.

I want to make sure that there is sufficient time on each day for preparation and presentation of your best images every day so can I ask that when you are done shooting in your practical sessions that you commence downloading & retouching straight away.

So until we meet, safe journeys to you all and I look forward immensely to the pleasure of your company.



  • Your camera and selection of lenses
  • Any ‘Speedlights’ you may carry with you on assignment
  • A radio trigger for working off camera (if you have one)
  • Plenty of Media Cards
  • Your Laptop (with Photoshop in any of its forms but preferably CS3 and upwards and some simple Video Editing Software).
  • The free trial download of Nik Software’s Color Efex 3.0 and any others you may wish. Please go to HYPERLINK “ and download the 14 day trials. Should you wish to then purchase the full versions at a later date then enter the coupon code “MGDUNN” and obtain a discount.
  • An external Hard Drive to back up your images.
  • A good quality notebook/sketchbook with plenty of pens and pencils (you will be conceptualizing your ideas and making image notes).
  • A good selection of your best images from all photographic disciplines to be used in your individual design projects.
  • A minimum of 5 PRINTS at 10”x10”,printed to the highest standards of color and presentation for open appraisal. The actual subject matter of the image must be contained within the 10”x10” print but MUST NOT BE LESS THAN 37.5 square inches (that is a 7.5”x5”). I encourage you to present different compositions and think ‘outside the box’.
  • And most importantly, an open mind!

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